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Web Design converting psd file to html file

Discussion in 'Web Design' started by ajones70, Mar 27, 2008.

  1. ajones70

    ajones70 New Member

    I have recently edited a psd file in photoshop and wondering is there a way to convert the psd file to a html file. And how would I do that? Many thanks...
  2. BandPro

    BandPro New Member

    If you want, just post the file and i will convert it for you (1-2days) I just did one for another member here today.
  3. ajones70

    ajones70 New Member

    psd to index.html

    Thank you for your reply. Yes, I am just needing to convert the psd to a editable html file. Could you please convert into html file and tell me how to do the conversion. Thank you!!
  4. BandPro

    BandPro New Member

    Just Post The PSD

    If you post the psd up here I will convert it for you and send you a PM on how it is done (step by step). Just leave it as a attachment for me.
  5. Riley

    Riley New Member

    ajones70 ~ first you have to slice the images in photoshop. then i think you have to do something in dreamweaver. im a newbie design and i have no clue how to code. and i don't have photoshop i use Gimp2
  6. caz

    caz New Member

    assistance required

    hi there
    i also need assistance in this department. I have been working on a template that i have downloaded from this website. I have been using photoshop to edit it and would like to know how to convert the psd into an html file. I havent completed the editing process yet, so i would like to know how to convert the psd step by step so that i can do it by myself.
    i have attached the file im working on for reference purposes.

    thanks in advance


    Attached Files:

  7. tobacco_slammers

    tobacco_slammers New Member

    I think this is how you do it.

    1. Open the file in Photoshop.
    2. From the "File" drop down menu select "Save for web".
    3. The image will now open in Image Ready.
    4. Select "save" at the top right of your screen.
    5. Choose to save as "images and HTML".
    6. Give the template a name.
    7. Select location to save to and save file.
    8. You should now have an html file and a folder containing the images used.
    9. Open up your site developer program and open this html file.
    10. Save it as a template

    You should now be able to apply this template to any pages you create.

    Hope this helps;)
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  8. caz

    caz New Member

    thank you!

    Hi Tabacco
    just want to say thanks so much for that tip! I managed to change the psd into html but when i attempted to load it onto freewebs, it was all whack. Do i need to change the CSS style as well? or is there something im seriously missing?

    Thanks again for ur help!!

  9. mahsa farhadi

    mahsa farhadi New Member

    please learn me how to convert psd file to html file(step by step)?
  10. Steve H

    Steve H New Member

    HeyTobacco Slammer ...This is by far one of the BEST replies to a problem I was going nuts over too ! I am not the greatest webdesigner ! My photoshop skills are good ! so...I had no idea how to maintain all the Hover effects and different design features that led me to choose this template ! I had no idea how to upload it to the server ??? For example, I had no idea how to get the .psd file to the server with the html , etc. This explains it all very SIMPLY ! Thank You ! Youre a Lifesaver !
  11. Andreap184

    Andreap184 New Member

    where the template I have been working on is saved? I saved the changes but I can't find it!!!!!
  12. joomlaites

    joomlaites New Member

    If you want to convert the psd file to a html file then you can do it easily by using Dreamweaver. You just have to import PSD files into Dreamweaver and then save the page as an HTML.
  13. markjon

    markjon New Member

    Its very interesting. But before upload your file as html many designing approach should be done before.Like Image Slicing,
    CSS designing, and Jquery. These are very useful and important for designing the website. Well I am a developer as well as designer so i knoe all the techniques. As you say earlier psd file is done but html conversion is remain. open this psd file in Dreamviewer > go to html code> use your CSS and Jquery Techniques and save it as a html file or as a template. Now your PSD file successfully convert into PSD to HTML.
    Last edited by a moderator: Sep 16, 2014
  14. globalflows

    globalflows New Member

    I have a ready to go website template that needs to be converted from a PSD file into an HTML CSS file so i can import it into my HTML editor for editing! How do i convert the file that's my question, as my web designer completed the design...
    here is the file link, if anyone can take a look at it:
  15. halldaniel454

    halldaniel454 New Member

    You can convert your psd file to html using any automic psd converter software or you can follow these steps
    Last edited by a moderator: Aug 21, 2015
  16. Adam Parker

    Adam Parker New Member

    You can try many of the free tools available for PSD to HTML conversion. For a paid quality PSD to HTML5 conversion service contact HTMLPanda