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Websites can someone plz review my website

Discussion in 'Reviews' started by legendslash1, Aug 29, 2006.

  1. legendslash1

    legendslash1 New Member

  2. fairdoes

    fairdoes Member

    The punctuation could be improved!

    I like the colours, but the links text is rather small.

    'Install missing plugins' it says! What am i missing?

    If you are a band, you need a photo - it's all about image :)
  3. Jasmine

    Jasmine New Member


    ....Yes you definately need a big picture in there to represent you. I think you need more stuff on the front page.
  4. fairdoes

    fairdoes Member

    hey legend! Your site has vanished. If this is because you've lost heart, don't! It's easy to improve with a little help.:)
  5. dodo1

    dodo1 New Member

    The design is amazing for my opinion...
    only 1 thing bothers me: too much white space... full it up with text :]
  6. fairdoes

    fairdoes Member

    it looks better nowadays. one server in the closet, eh?! i expect web hosting is cheaper now than the DIT approach? :)
  7. emilypal

    emilypal New Member

    Seems I'm the only one to see Page Not Found.
    Still I see a blue header and footer and several ad banners
  8. fairdoes

    fairdoes Member

    page not found

    page not found - you're spot on. It's so well designed by the hosting co., that i didn't notice!

    is this a spam by by the hosts?
  9. tzoki

    tzoki New Member

    the hosts from freewebs don't give spam but I think you play with us because KIS (kaspersky Internet Security ) stopped loding the page with a virus/red alert so you should check it or if you want to make a bad joke go somewhere else
  10. jordan333

    jordan333 New Member

    This post is over 2 1/2 years old; thats why the page is not found :)
  11. shergill

    shergill New Member

    I agree with all of guys i think its enough information for review your site so go ahead good luck..