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Business web template

Discussion in 'Free Website Templates' started by Mimoun, Sep 7, 2005.

  1. Mimoun

    Mimoun Administrator Staff Member Director Verified Member

    Business web template.

    Click on the image to view in real size:


    The website template will work perfectly with all modern browsers.
    Tested with:
    What is included:
    HTML file
    CSS file
    PSD file Photoshop source design

    By downloading the website template you agree with the terms of use

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  2. hectorck1

    hectorck1 New Member


    Hello, i am intrested in the Search Box content. I would like to use this template, i would like to know what the price is to get it all. Thank you
  3. thehaydensherald

    thehaydensherald New Member

  4. popoloco

    popoloco New Member

    When i upload my site. Should i upload "PSD file Photoshop source design" to host ?
  5. Scoooooty

    Scoooooty Member

    You dont upload the PSD file, thats just for making alterations to the design using Phototoshop.
  6. onortega

    onortega New Member

    I have downloaded the Business Website Template and received a ZIP file on my desktop. What do I do next...?
  7. venersha

    venersha New Member

    I have downloaded the Business Website Template, saved it my documents. When I open the attachment and click on the internet icon, it opens in Internet Explorer with just some wording, and no design.
  8. Babysittah

    Babysittah New Member

    Thanx a lot 4 da linx!
  9. ji_eun_sung

    ji_eun_sung New Member

    I was able to download the templates and open and run it in Visual Studio 2005. I managed to see some templates from icetemplates.com. They are so cool. Nevertheless, can i embedd those flash file in the html file or aspx file? Please advise.
    I dont want that my home page is a flash file for fast rendering reasons. Although i really wanted to put some flash into my website.
    Thanks you in advance. By the way, do you have any feedback on icetemplates.com com? I'm thinking of buying some templates from them.
  10. ji_eun_sung

    ji_eun_sung New Member

    You should use a web editor to create similar pages. Although you have templates, it is important to have a kowledge of html to edit and create additional pages. :D
  11. davidah

    davidah New Member

    Whatever you do.....
    Recently I purchased a template from them when I did not recieve my item and was ripped off. They of course do not have a customer service number only customer service tickets that they do not answer. I tried numerous times to get in touch with them when I got nothing. Please do not make the same mistake I did and loose your money!!
  12. EmilyMax

    EmilyMax New Member

    I've bought templates from icetemplates.com several times. And I got fully satisfied with them. Though at first purchase there was a delay with verification, next time I bought everything was OK.
  13. chs_soccerstar_13

    chs_soccerstar_13 New Member

    you must unzip the file. Open the folder up(If they are not in one make one and put them in there) then select extract all files.
  14. emilypal

    emilypal New Member

    I liked the clear structure of this template especially three columns like Latest News, Our Strategies and Our Solutions. They look like three steps one should follow to get the main idea of the company.
    As far as I understand you prefer to place the same links in Our Strategies block and under Explore your Business signature. Know what? I think it would be better not to overwhelm the picture with any additional information.
  15. shibu

    shibu New Member

    Same Boat

    That's exactly what I was thinking. Last time I did any html editing was about 10 years ago, but this may get you started:

    1. Extract the zip file. (you should be able to do this by double clicking it)
    2. Double click on the index.html file.
    3. When it opens up (presumably in internet explorer), click File -> Edit with Microsoft Frontpage. (This will only be na option if you have Frontpage installed)
    4. Play around with it just as you would any Word or Excel document. Save your customized changes. Then upload it to your web server.
  16. shibu

    shibu New Member

    Editing / Duplicating this page

    Ok I duplicated the page in Frontpage and was able to edit the text ok but how do I adjust the columns? When I go to page or paragraph formating I have had no luck. Any ideas?:confused::confused::confused:
  17. hina

    hina New Member

    its very helpful. thanks mimon
  18. simon78

    simon78 New Member

    hey really nice template and good theme and good artickcle
  19. careyg

    careyg New Member

    I'm obviously doing something wrong. I've downloaded successfully, however, I'm unable to open any of the zipped docs. The .psd says it's an unknown file type. Am I missing software on my computer to open your docs?
  20. astrologers

    astrologers New Member


    Hey! This is cool . I can free templates are free and easy to download :) Thanks for the info guyz :)