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General Blogspot General Question

Discussion in 'General' started by emilybaileys, Aug 14, 2010.

  1. emilybaileys

    emilybaileys New Member

    I'm not particularly requesting anything except advice....if that is okay.

    I use blogspot. I'm a photographer, and I am looking to see if there is a way to design my site to offer a "gallery" to my clients to view their photo's from a specific session. Currently, I'm only able to upload 5 photo's at a time and it's super time-consuming. Does anyone out there know a way around this ~ uploading a LOT of photo's at once to a personalized client site that I can set privacy controls for them to view? If this isn't possible, I just need to look into a completely different website.

    I really appreciate all your knowledge and talent out there. Thanks for your time.
  2. FlaShow

    FlaShow New Member

    Hello emilybaileys,

    if you are looking for fast and easy way to setup a web site than joomla CMS is a good choice for you.

    Check joomla site for more info:

  3. emilybaileys

    emilybaileys New Member

    Thank you. I will try to navigate it. I appreciate your advice.
  4. krisakaklp

    krisakaklp New Member

    if your looking for blog help
    i can redirect you to this person
    Ahmed Farooqi | Facebook

    hes a faceboook administator
    soo dont worry about adding him hes perfectly fine and a nice friend of mine.
  5. ishkey

    ishkey Moderator, Logos, Sports Crests Staff Member Verified Member

    blogspot limits you in many ways and is not intended for what you want.

    Since you don't want to pay for a site - Look at using Wordpress to make the site, it has more power and addins that you could ever figure out. Then host it on Wordpress.com both free of charge.

    photographer - clients - gallery - session
    all words that seem to say get a paid host and be professional.
    I use Hostmonster for a very small fee they offer everything you could possibly ever need all included in the cost, my site has never gone down, customer service is the best you could imagine, they speak novice to beyond expert. I like them so much that I promote them on my website and am in their affiliate program. I have created countless sites for customers all hosted with them.
    Yes I have tried other Hosts, none compare.
  6. emilybaileys

    emilybaileys New Member

    Thank you Ish ~ I ended up signing up with host monster....and am excited about creating a site through them. I am super nervous though.....I don't know much about anything when it comes to creating a website. I am hoping to figure this out. You mentioned they are good with novice's like myself?

    I guess I just needed that push to actually pay for a site. I'm a professional...I need a site that can actually function like I need it to. Thanks for that nudge.

  7. You can use the "Simple Script" on hostmonster to create your site.
  8. rafal39

    rafal39 New Member

    I think that the best solution for You will be to find the persons who wants the same solutions as You. I work for the company Jaaz, which created its CMS. I could help you find a customer who wants a similar project to yours.
  9. jbphotography

    jbphotography New Member

    I would second wordpress as a suitable option. I am a photographer as well and my website is being built currently based upon a free wordpress template.

    wordpress is easy to use/update. There are many widgets/add ons that can be included and I am sure that there is one for individual galleries that your clients can log into.
  10. Casuh

    Casuh New Member

    I'm a photographer myself and I use Wordpress, it's easier to go with the best. :)
  11. Wordpress is definitely easy to use. I use it myself, but eventually we as business people must realize we get what we pay for
  12. Revive This

    Revive This New Member

    I also use wordpress. The ability to customize and make comprehensive changes to templates really help to make it your own. When I started it did take a while to familiarize myself with the set-up and the in-depth tools but with some hard work and perseverence I now am able to create websites (IMO) that are attractive and professional.
  13. nidhivyas

    nidhivyas Member

    I am always use WordPress.
    wordpress is easy to use and update.
    There are many widgets/add ons used in Wordpress.
    I am able to create websites are attractive and professional.
  14. w3web

    w3web Member

    There are many companies have their customized designed CMS, they can offer great compatible services to your specific requirements, so it is better to consult the web designing firm rather doing on your own as it saves your time.