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Pending Queue Amirali1

Discussion in 'Free Website Templates' started by Amirali1, May 6, 2014.

  1. Amirali1

    Amirali1 New Member

    • Website URL:

    • Website description:
      ihealth & ibaby

    • The Structure of my website:
      i would like a header image of ihealth and ibaby above a navigation bar for 5 pages-Home_about us,contact, download, devices,

    • My favorite template designs on Free Website Templates:
      1)Hairstyle salon because it's very classic
      2)strategic consulting : use a good picture
      3)creative events: use a right colors

    • Other websites whose design I like:

    • Preferred colors:
      i would like a website in black-and-white ; blue backgroud and black font

    • Notes:

  2. Dawn

    Dawn Community Manager

    Hi and welcome to FWT Amirali1!

    A few questions to ask before we can approve your request:
    I'm afraid this is not very clear. What are ihealth & ibaby? And what is the purpose of your website - are you selling a product? Offering a service? Providing information on a topic?
    As what looks good to one person may not look good to another, it would be best if you could explain your comments. What do you mean by a "good picture"? What kind of picture would be suitable for your website? What are the "right colors" to you? The more detail you can provide, the more likely you'll end up with a template that you love.

    Please also update your post with the links (URLs) of the template designs you have mentioned, so as to ensure our designers are looking at the same references as you are during the creation process. It would save everyone a lot of time and confusion :)

    Thanks and do reply to this post with the relevant information so we may know how to proceed from here.
  3. Amirali1

    Amirali1 New Member

    at first i want to thank you for reply my post . if you see this following website you can see what i want
    i want the same template like this webpage
  4. Dawn

    Dawn Community Manager

    So you're selling digital health products? Is that correct?

    If by "the same template" you refer to having a similar website structure, that's fine. We won't be making it look exactly the same, but if there are certain features or colours in this template that you like, you can note them down here and our designers will do their best to create a suitable design. You can also help by expanding upon your earlier comments regarding your favourite FWT templates:

    Do give us more detail on the kind of look you're going for with this new design.
  5. Amirali1

    Amirali1 New Member

    yes you guess right . the design must be used more with this colors : grey , blue & orange
  6. Dawn

    Dawn Community Manager

    Okay, I think this should be fine for now. You will be notified once your request joins the template production queue, so please watch this thread for updates, as well as any further questions our designers may have for you. Thanks!
  7. Amirali1

    Amirali1 New Member

    and i want a dynamic website.
  8. Mimoun

    Mimoun Administrator Staff Member Director Verified Member

    @Amirali1 When you say dynamic website do you mean the content the menus or the header? Do you mean dynamic as it's a CMS. So are you referring to Dynamic server side content or Dynamic HTML.
  9. Amirali1

    Amirali1 New Member

    because i want to have a 2language in my website i need a dynamic and that means i need a key in my website that when customer click on it ,it change to another language.
  10. Mimoun

    Mimoun Administrator Staff Member Director Verified Member

    @Amirali1 what you need is multi language support, I will see if we can provide you with that or not.