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Others Advertisers Wanted.....

Discussion in 'Free Services' started by BandPro, Oct 11, 2008.

  1. BandPro

    BandPro New Member

    Hey dudes,

    Just looking for a few people to throw their banners on my site(for free). They won't be in the header or foot(since those are saved for my partners advertising), but I have many other pages you can put your banners on.

    I am looking for sites that are MUSIC RELATED ONLY and the following:
    • Alternative
    • Rock (all)
    • Punk
    • Hardcore
    • Ska
    • Emo
    • Metal (all)
    • Independent Punk, Hardcore, etc...(preference)
    I am looking for banners that are 468 x 60. I can store them on my image host if needed. Bands, Zines Welcome. If you want to place a link on your site for mine go ahead...don't matter.

    OK so I'm looking for oh.....let's say....aaaaaaa.........15 people.

    Starting now.
  2. pezboy45

    pezboy45 Mod/Design & Coder [Pro]

  3. BandPro

    BandPro New Member

    Sweet bud. Interesting player you have there! I put your banner up in the 'Punkstore' index.

    1 down, 14 to go.....
  4. quarantine

    quarantine New Member

  5. BandPro

    BandPro New Member

    Hey Dude,

    Ya, I'd gladly put up a banner for you. I just have one question first, where does this link:


    lead to?

    It is the link in your banner code on your myspace page. Just wondering before I click it or put it on my website.
  6. quarantine

    quarantine New Member

    ahh that link goes to our myspace page if your already on a myspace profile etc. It's like anti phising rubbish.

    Basically could you link the banner to www.myspace.com/quarantinetheband1

    that would be awesome, thnx a lot man.