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JavaScript Ads on Leaving?

Discussion in 'Web Development' started by vareside, Oct 28, 2009.

  1. vareside

    vareside New Member

    Hi folks,

    Apart from my question, I just wanted to know your opinion on Linkbucks. The service offers you several methods to earn money with links to any website you want. It's like a URL shortener that lets you earn money per click. One thing they offer really attracted me: a few lines of Javascript, added to the source code of the website, will convert all outgoing links (without any changes) to a Linkbucks link to earn money with. I have a question on that: How does it work? How can the Javascript code detect that link and how can it change the URL while the user clicks on it?

    Thanks for all answers.
  2. Olaf

    Olaf New Member

    Using the "click" event you can do a lot. Actually this kind of functions are not very user friendly (in my opinion)
  3. Kronik03

    Kronik03 New Member

    If I'm right, which I may not be, I know there is a way you would be able to do that with iframes as will, like Olaf said, you would use the click event, and on click, it would open 2 iframes, the first to the linkbucks link, the second to the actual outbound link.