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Websites A site to review

Discussion in 'Reviews' started by htmlblock, Aug 14, 2005.

  1. htmlblock

    htmlblock New Member

  2. joeldaking

    joeldaking Banned

    yer it looks great but i think it needs abit more colours and mayby think about getting a new template and having the links on the side of them template not up top.
    hope this helps:D
  3. ike223

    ike223 New Member

    nice website

    i took a look at your website, the over all look is ok but you need to add some colors also the navigation try to make it on the left.:)
  4. RichieR

    RichieR New Member

    I like it

    I like it more now, you cleaned up the first page it's short and informing. The navigation is good and abvious. But, i think, the logo (HTML block for those who demand the impossible ...) is not sharp enough (I like sharp images).
    Oh yes nice icons and good navigation!!
  5. kenjin

    kenjin New Member

    You need some color. The white backround is distracting. Other then that great work.
  6. flesh

    flesh New Member


    yer nice one but it needs a bit of colour the template looks a bit dull like it was slamed in some wet pathment and left to dry


    it is a verry good design and i like the way you position everything