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Websites a new halo 3 site

Discussion in 'Reviews' started by hugaming, Sep 30, 2007.

  1. hugaming

    hugaming New Member

  2. paul374

    paul374 New Member

    It's realy really good m8, i like the music...
  3. staino

    staino New Member

    very nice mate, i like the idea of the flash menus. The voice and music are really good as well. Keep it up
  4. mperrynfld

    mperrynfld New Member

    bloody amazing dude keep up the good work
  5. bounceb

    bounceb New Member


    Nice Site. Want a Tip? The Flash Header put a transparent parameter because when it load there is white Background, with param itt will just the loading.

    just put this <param name="wmode" value="transparent">
  6. Dizzie92

    Dizzie92 New Member

    wow, for your first site, you went all out!! Love the flash, and the music is awsome!! Very great, hope you make some templates, I'd really love to see them!!!
  7. hugaming

    hugaming New Member

    hey thank you for all the replys
  8. faxmunky

    faxmunky New Member

  9. Linx

    Linx Member

    It would be better to make the font a bit bigger.

    One more thing ... on each page of the site the text is displaced, it goes beyond the blocks borders.

    I turned the sound off, but each time when I move to another page, the sound turns on, it's irritating.
  10. Riley

    Riley New Member

    i like it. but halo 3 sucks so sorry. just stick to halo 2 when u can superbounce n shit. but i much like the site
  11. hostdaddy

    hostdaddy New Member

    Good job man. I really like the flash introduction and the black color scheme. You should build some links to your site as the PR is 0.
  12. emilypal

    emilypal New Member

    The quality of small pictures can be improved and I personally prefer larger font size so you your site could be more readable.
  13. gotadog

    gotadog New Member

    I like your site, the graphics are great. The game isn't one that I would play but your site, you did a really good job on it.
  14. unibul

    unibul New Member

    I like the design, I guess it's what a site like this calls for. I would change the font contrast a little bit, to make it easier to read.
  15. d983861

    d983861 New Member

    OMFG that is a really good job! Can I have it please? I'm making an Halo community with lots of guides and help! Please and thanks
  16. Cazion

    Cazion New Member

    professional great
  17. tsshankar.deepa

    tsshankar.deepa New Member

    Opening page very impressive...you have done a great job in your first website....

    Home banner is very good...animation and music match well..

    however you could think of the font..difficult to read especially in a grey background..also the text spills over certain areas.. in the child pages could not locate home prominently (see site info) ...you could think of resizing the image maps and also mouse over effects to match the home page!

    keep up the good work...i am sure you have a great future..

  18. d983861

    d983861 New Member

    Please I want it!
  19. sunnee

    sunnee New Member

    Your site

    Looks and sounds SO awesome, good colors, sound and look!
  20. pezboy45

    pezboy45 Mod/Design & Coder [Pro]

    Ever think it might be a template?

    Also, I have the real version of that song, with out all the bg noise, let me know if you want it.
    (I have all the soundtacks, ((kinda big Halo Nerd)).