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New Profile Posts

  1. Laura Storey
    Laura Storey Rico
    Hi Rico, I hope it is okay to post here and that you dont mind :-) I have looked through quite a few of the forum requests for logos and I have to say, everything I have seen that you have produced actually amazes me you are so very talented! I have made a request myself for a logo & was wondering if you would consider creating a logo for me? And how much you charge for this? Laura :)
  2. alexandrefernandescelesti
    Seja o que vc é,não tente ser o que vc não é!
  3. achit
  4. milu
    en las nubes
  5. harry hanson
  6. cthomas750
    cthomas750 1970Forest
    hey,i had downloaded one template from your site but am facing some problem while editing.The problem is i cant see it in its original design after editing and i cant edit it in its own design(only texts during editing not the design).the template name is "© 2023 Origins Interior Architects" so you please help.am using dreamweaver cs3.
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  7. swyboss
    swyboss Ruthe
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    2. Ruthe
      ...do I know you?
      Aug 4, 2014
  8. enternal
  9. Franz
    A long, long time ago...
  10. gianga
    gianga Franz
    I await to see your final designs frank!, if in fact you are trying to design some!
  11. gianga
    gianga Rico
    Wow well done Rico i really like the first one!
    Can you change the blue inside the crest to a darker blue? And maybe the color surrounding the whole design to silver?
  12. metpay